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We recommend that you read our Refund Policy prior to you making a payment as fee submission for publication, membership, awards, or miscellaneous purposes to us, so you are familiar with this policy and your rights under applicable laws, including the Indian Consumer Protection Law.

The following fee is charged by ICERT:

(i)              Membership fee: ICERT is a global community of educationists and health professionals. People who are joining ICERT as members have to submit a one-time membership fee as a life member or as decided by the core committee ICERT from time to time. Fee submission links or account details are sent to the person who is interested in becoming a member at ICERT after reviewing their nomination/ application for membership, so the fee submitted is totally non-refundable. 

(ii)             Publication fee: ICERT collaborates with some publisher who publishes the research papers/ research article/ thesis/ related article on behalf of ICERT, ICERT is charging a such fee on behalf of the publisher for publication purpose only, the fee charged for publication could be refunded if the paper is not published/ not accepted by the publisher partly or fully as decided by the core committee ICERT time to time. The researchers have no right to claim a refund if the paper is rejected due to the researcher's fault. If the core committee ICERT approves the refund, a refund will be initiated through the same channel as it was received. The same rules are applicable for ICERT publications.

(iii)           Awards nomination & processing fee: ICERT felicitates education, and health professionals, social reformers, etc., from time to time in various ICERT programs. A nominal fee is charged for the nomination & processing of the award kit. The fee submission link or account details are sent to the candidates whose application is accepted by the core committee ICERT for the felicitation. The award nomination & processing fee once submitted is non-refundable. 

(iv)           Conference/ workshop/ training fee: Nominal participation/ research paper presentation fee is charged from participants of conference/ workshops/ trainings/ symposiums/ summit organized by ICERT time to time achieve mission & vision of ICERT. By registering for the program, the participant is confirming to abide by the rules & regulations of the program. If after submission of the fee, a participant is not attending the program or not presenting the papers, they will be marked absent and no refund will be initiated. A refund will be initiated only if the program is canceled. In case of postponement of the program, the refund will be initiated as per the decision of the core committee of ICERT.

(v)             Fee for miscellaneous errands/ chores: Other than above mentioned, ICERT might charge fees for patents/ copyrights, approval or permission for various assignments where such needed from ICERT, etc., the miscellaneous fee might be charged and for a refund of such fee, the core committee will convey the rules/ refund rules before the submission of a fee to the participants/ candidates/ users. 

(vi)            Shipping/handling/ packing for the original shipment will not be reimbursed.

(vii) Journal subscriptions may be canceled entitling you to a refund of all unmailed issues.

(viii)         The refund will be returned via the same payment method as the original receipt of funds or as decided by the core committee ICERT

For all ICERT programs/ memberships/ awards/ miscellaneous purposes, prior registration is needed, and fee submission link/ account details are sent to only registered candidates/ participants, after getting confirmation from the core committee/ organizing committee of the program. We also recommend that you immediately inspect any products we deliver to you or that you collect from us, including that they are of acceptable quality, and match the description we have provided to you. 

Payment Methods:

ICERT never accepts cash payments

ICERT is not responsible for the payment made to any person/ ICERT employees/ ICERT members/ ICERT governing body members/ ICERT designated members in their personal accounts or in cash. For all such payments, ICERT will not process your request/ service further, and it will be canceled.

ICERT accepts payment in different modes: Credit Cards, Debit Cards, Net Banking, Account Transfer, Cheques through Razor Pay, or direct account transfer. 


Cancellations for any service must be notified in writing within 24 hours of your confirmation/ fee submission, cancellation requests after 24 hours will not be entertained.

In case of an event/ service is canceled by the ICERT core committee, a full fee refund will be initiated.


To process a refund or cancellation, you will be asked for information that is relevant to your return or to satisfy legislative requirements. If you do not provide this information, then we may be unable to process your refund or cancellation. Any personal information we collect in connection with this process will be handled by us in accordance with our privacy policy. 

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