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Investigational  analysis  on crisis caused by Covid- 2019 on sustainability of  teaching  learning process



The crisis caused by covid-19 has assorted effect on education system. To abate the escalation of COVID-19, most countries across the globe have decided to temporarily close educational institutions. However, learning has not stopped but is now fully taking place online as schools and universities provide remote schooling.  As lockdown has palpably break the usual transmission channels and in conjunction with this, has led the abandonment of classes , meetings and long-planned events. The crisis brought education systems across the world to a halt, where school closures affected more than 1.6 billion learners. It was not just academic knowledge what these students has missed out but also they are imperilled of finishing school without the any artifice, comportments , and mind-sets to  get success in universities or in the workforce. The collective reaction of the pandemic may have everlasting effect on an all age group of learners. Scholastic achievement and proficiency are not only linked to higher earnings but also to better health and greater civic involvement. There is few missing pieces of information in the literature in regards to how global crisis consequences the sustainability of  education system  and  its development. Therefore , this innovative paper, take on an analysis to that extent which shows pandamic-19 as whole and the lockdown distinctly has impacted education  system and the study is highlighting the role played by teachers and students through online education.


Key Words: Covid-19,  sustainable development,  crisis,  remote learning, education system,  virtual learning.

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