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Effective Use Of Teaching Methodologies In Science, Technology And Mathematics In Nigerians’ Classrooms


The performance of Nigerian students’ in Science, Technology and Mathematics (STM) is disheartening and appalling due to ineffective teaching methodology.  This paper thus focuses on the effective use of Teaching Methodologies in science, Technology and Mathematics to enhance students’’ learning outcomes. It x-rays the various teaching methodologies used by Instructors in Science, Technology and Mathematics classrooms that could be of significant impact on students’ academic performances. It highpoints the components of effective teaching methodology as one that take cognizant of learners abilities, hands-on-mind-on, heuristic active teaching, It concludes that teaching STM in Nigeria classrooms can be enhanced the more if the teacher adopts the active learning, critical thinking, creativity and innovations as elements of good teaching and this can be achieved via effective use of teaching methodologies in Science, Technology and Mathematics. It thus recommends that Government and Non-Governmental Organization should collaborate with teachers towards making materials available for effective and pragmatic STM teachin and learning,
Keywords: Effective Teaching, Methodologies, Science, Technology, Mathematics

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