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Effectiveness of Life skills program on Emotional Intelligence in economically vulnerable Low resilient women students



Life skills Education meets the twin aims of any education system, namely to facilitate optimum development of human potential and to prepare students for life. The changing perspective of education in the light of the new education policy lays emphasis on enhancing the students’ emotional capabilities besides the cognitive, social and ethical ones and developing life skills among students is one of the fundamental principles on which the NEP 2020 is based.

The present study was conducted to find out the effect of the Life skills training program on emotional Intelligence. The participants were 34 women students aged between 18-25 years studying at the undergraduate level in the metropolis of Mumbai. They all belonged to the vulnerable low economic strata of society and were of low resilience. The results showed that there was a significant improvement in emotional intelligence (t=p<.01) after the life skills intervention. It shows that life skills training would be an effective way to increase emotional intelligence in women students from economically vulnerable groups. The limitation of the study is that the study did not have a comparable group of students who did not undergo training in life skills during the period.


Keywords: New Education Policy, Life skills training, Emotional intelligence, Resilience, Vulnerability, Women Student

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