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Eduphoria-An International Multidisciplinary Magazine

An International scholarly/ academic magazine, peer-reviewed/ refereed magazine, ISSN : 2960-0014

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Magazine Overview

Eduphoria is an International Multidisciplinary magazine especially educational magazine. Eduphoria is an international scholarly/ academic, peer-reviewed magazine for multiple age readers. Eduphoria is a forum for the exchange of the innovative ideas, data and information related to the multiple disciplines including science, social sciences, technology and engineering, psychological science, health, computer science, education, management, defence education, political science, development of education, and other disciplines for the welfare of education community. All age group writers, budding writers, budding artists, scholars, professional from different spheres, students, and institutional staff could contribute as reader or contributors. The magazine is appropriate for anyone who is interested and invested in the positive changes that are happening in education today including educators, educational leaders, education consultants, community-based organization staff, anyone interested in innovative ideas and practices, global education advocates, foundations, government agencies, businesses that support children’s education. We also invite institutions to publish their events, programs reports, highlights, forthcoming programs news, student talks, cover stories etc. We resist political articles, articles on gender, caste, religion discrimination, content against the law of any country or related. 


Aims and Objectives

Eduphoria is an international open access magazine that provides unique, and stimulating information about the educational programs around the world. This magazine aims sharing innovation, case studies, stories, health & nutritional awareness, student voice and research experiences in the field of education and development. It a platform facilitating coordination and networking among individuals and institutes particularly among the youths and professionals. It is a platform to share ideas, innovative thoughts, and brainstorm on advancement of education and other disciplines. 

Magazine Scope Statement

The world is changing rapidly and education is the foundation of this transformation. With the emergence of technology, we are becoming more efficient and contributing in this transformation. Anyone who wish to learn, upskill and reskill need a platform to exchange and share ideas, update on latest developments. With such objective and aims, Eduphoria publish and providing open platform to the original educational research, thoughts, ideas and innovation across all ages and educational levels in multiple disciplines. We invite engaging, accessible articles, written in a conversational, practical writing style, that explore cutting-edge thinking and innovative practices for education delivery and reform, including areas like equity and social inclusion, disability inclusion, social emotional learning and life skills, education for sustainable development, redesigning school and higher education for the future, global citizenship education, leadership and advocacy, training and education for education innovators, science and technology, law, social science, management, education funding, education movements and initiatives, education innovators of today, health and nutrition, community empowerment, innovation incubators and accelerators, innovation ideation to implementation, innovation in education organization development, cross-disciplinary and cross-sector solutions to specific education challenges etc., but not limited to the above themes.


Magazine Policy: Brief description

Eduphoria never publish article arbitrarily. Authors, budding authors and researchers are expected to follow the fundamental aspects of research planning and reporting as per ICERT transparency and openness promotion guidelines. Authors are required to put their efforts to comply minimum TOP guidelines as per following fundamental aspects

  • Data Transparency: Disclosure of articles data including raw or processed data and its access sources. 

  • Citation: Text and the reference section must contain the data, programs or other methods developed by others. 

  • Research Material: There must be transparency in the material described in the article with sources from where it could be accessed. 

  • Methods Transparency: Disclosure regarding the article states whether computer code or syntax needed to reproduce analyses in an article is available and, if so, where to access it.

  • Reporting Standards: Follow the style and guidelines as closely as possible, as mentioned in Article Submission section or design and analysis transparency as per APA, MLA, and Chicago Manual of Style or other styles. 

  • Study Disclosure: Articles/ study design/ or work reported should be preregistered, if applicable, with the access sources. 

  • Analysis Disclosure: If applicable, the analysis plan and work reported in the article should be preregistered. 


Reporting Frameworks

  • Bias-free language and community-driven language guidelines

  • Impact statements

  • Equitable content from representative of all people and communities

  • Diversify in community of authors, editors, and readers

  • Data sharing and data availability statements

  • Participant sample descriptions

  • Masked peer review



ICERT and the editors of Eduphoria assume no responsibility for statements and opinions advanced by the authors of its articles.


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