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Question on Individual Identity and Empowering Women in Modern Perspectives through Indian English Literature


Literature plays an important role in the formation of the society because literature is like a mirror in which we can find the glimpse of several cultures, traditions and customs only one age but also many ages of past and future. Gender issues have been always an interesting topic in the society. There is a large scope of innovative and creative dimensions in the field of Gender study. Generally in earlier time gender was only limited to the masculinity and femininity but after Second World War the concept of individual identity emerged in the whole world. If we observe minutely the postcolonial literature it often put a question on individuality not universality. The battle between sexes has been going on for a long time. The stereotyped images of sita, Durga and Urvashi obsess Indian Imagination and distort the male vision of social reality. So the purpose of this research paper is to explore the dynamic changes in the stereotyped role of the women in the present society.

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