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About Us


International Council for Education, Research and Training is an autonomous non-government leading scientific and professional research & training organization with offices located in Washington DC, California, Sydney, New Delhi, and other countries. With several educators, researchers, consultants, and students as members, ICERT not only develops Educational Training Programs but also manages institutes, and promotes research and training in education globally. This is an institution of learning and training facilitating education, research and social welfare initiatives. 

ICERT Mission


With the motto: Knowledge, Wisdom and Prosperity we at ICERT are working with the mission to promote the advancement and application of scientific researches & knowledge to benefit society.


ICERT Services


ICERT services covers:

Managing and maintaining educational institutions in different disciplines Promoting, conducting, and organizing educational research programs in different disciplines Professional development of educators in school and higher education including health, engineering, and other disciplines Enrichment and awareness programs including educational and health programs for student communities Promoting sports and cultural activities Felicitation and honoring dignitaries working in various spheres like in health, education, research, training, engineering, social & cultural welfare, and other disciplines 

ICERT Membership/ Divisions


Educational and health affairs

Committee of Educational & Health Affairs works with the core committee on planning and operation of educational and health initiatives.  Its mission is to ensure importance and commitment to diversity in education, health, and training in all of its activities and initiatives. It serves a consultative and advisory role concerning ongoing planning and operations of the Education & Health, in consultation with its executive director.

Research and Publications

Committee on Research and Publication works providing essential content in different disciplines to support research, education, health, practice, and social wellbeing.  It plans programs to deal with potential issues associated with research and exchange and better research experience. Encourage researchers to develop their research skills, and provide academic support & mutual assistance to legal aspirants. 

Training and Development

Council for Training works to develop the contents on various modules to enhance the knowledge and skills of students, students, educators, health staff, researchers, corporate employees, and professionals in other disciplines. 

Media and IT Wing

The wing as a team works under the supervision of Executive Director Public Relations, managing social, print, and electronic media affairs. IT team constantly functioning in the content creation, designing, advertising, and digital publications. 

Women Cell

The cell plays an important role in voicing women's opinions on important matters that affect the daily life of women including students. It provides a platform where women comfortably participate and share their views. It actively promotes gender equality

Membership Team

ICERT is a group of professionals including Educators, Health Experts, Legal Advisors, Researchers in different disciplines, Resource Persons, Social Workers, and professionals in other spheres. Any professional working in health, law, education, researchers, student, social workers, and other disciplines could apply for membership.

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