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Assessing the Employability Skills of Agriculture Graduates in Tertiary Institutions in Ogun State


The study assesses graduates’, Lecturers’ and Employers’ perception of the importance and competence levels of performing identified transferable skills in the workplace. Purposive sampling technique was used to select 300 graduates of Agriculture, 45 Lecturers and 27 Employers from the institutions offering agricultural courses in the three divisions of Ogun State. The data were analysed using percentages, Mean and standard deviation. The demographic characteristics revealed that majority (53%) of the agriculture graduates respondents were male with average age being 28 years and were engaged in Agricultural—related employments or jobs. For Lecturers, Majority (66%) were males with average of 45 years while Employers’ average age was 52 years with majority (75%) being males also. The findings revealed that solving problems, ‘Creativity, Innovation, and Change’ and ‘Motivation – personal strengths’ were perceived by graduates as being most important to their job, and Ability to Conceptualize and listening were the least important. In terms of competence, graduates perceived themselves to be most competent at ‘Motivation-Personal Strengths’, ‘Life—long learning and being Creative, Innovative, and initiating Change’ and least competent at decision making. It was recommended among others that institutions should revisit academic curricular of their institutions for the purposes of including those skills that could possibly enhance the marketability of agriculture graduates and their career advancement in the workforce.

Keywords: Employability skills, Graduates, Agriculture, Ogun State

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