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The Relationship between Emotional Intelligence and Home Environment among Senior Secondary School Students


The purpose of this research is to see if there is a link between emotional intelligence and the home environment of senior secondary school pupils. The Descriptive Survey Method was used in the current study. Using a random sampling technique, a sample of 600 senior secondary school pupils was taken. Dr. Arun Kumar and Shruti Narain (2019) developed the Emotional Intelligence Scale and Dr. Karuna Shanker’s Home Environment Inventory was used to assess the home environment (2011). It was discovered that female students were more emotional intelligence than their male counterparts, that C.B.S.E students had a higher mean score than H.B.S.E students, and that there is a significant relationship between emotional intelligence (EI) and home environment (HE) of senior secondary school students. From the chart, it can be deduced that as the score of the HE rises. So does the EI of pupils.

Keywords- Emotional Intelligence, Home Environment, Relationship and Senior Secondary
School Students

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