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Emerging Trends and Challenges in Post COVID - 19 World of Education System


Education is important for a country like India for its development and economic growth along with social development. It typically comprises under graduate, post graduate degrees as well as pre - doctoral and doctoral programmes.It also plays a key role in producing teachers for the field of education. Therefore it is essential for survival hence; this paper gives an insight into the recent trends in the post covid -19 world of Education system. In Spite of the significant growth of higher education in the past few years, it is still in a danger zone due to several challenges like the quota system, privatization, etc. Hence, various methods need to be found to improve the COVID-19 has expedited digital adoption in the education industry and encouraged educators to rethink how best to deliver education to students. The field of online teaching & learning has given everyone a chance to experience new learning, develop new perspectives, and accept new trend of education while heading into the great unknown field of imparting knowledge with technology. The teachers, students and parents are facing challenges, as the practice and assessment of online education is limited in the variety and modes in which they are allocated is affecting the students and teachers ending that they are experiencing a number of challenges. Adapting to online environment can be a challenge for both facilitators and students. The technical issues, complexity, sequencing of activities is among the major obstacles to the incorporation of multimedia application in the learning .This paper   gives Ten identified major challenges  

Key Words: - Emerging Trends, Challenges, Post COVID-19 World, Education Syst

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