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Role of the Teacher and School in the Context of Development of “Education for Peace”

Kumar, N.

Assistant Professor, Department of Curriculum & Pedagogy District Institute of Education and Training, District: South-West, Ghumanhera, New Delhi


 In the current global perspective, the concept of education for peace is a sign of an epoch-making change. All the ventures and works being done in the world have the same aim - peace. Where there is peace there is growth, where there is growth there is happiness and where there is happiness there is humanity. The present society needs to be oriented towards peace rather than violence. Our way of life should be guided by the discipline of peace and education can do this work in the right way. If the education for peace is summed up, then it can be said that the education of peace is an essential condition of today's education. Education for peace is really education for life and its purpose is to develop such values, skills and methods etc. among the people so that they can behave cordially with others and become responsible citizens.

Key words- Education for Peace, Peace, Human Rights, Sustainable Development, Life Skills, Culture of Peace, Conflict Management


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Kumar, N. (2022). Role of the Teacher and School in the Context of Development of “Education for Peace.” Shodh Sari-An International Multidisciplinary Journal, 01(01), 103–110.

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