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"Recent Advancements in Education, Research, Humanities, Social Sciences & Sciences for Achieving Sustainable Development Goals"

Indo-Global Multidisciplinary Conference 2024

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“Global Dynamics in Education, Research, Social Sciences, & Sciences for Sustainable Development”

Global Interdisciplinary Conference
On March 23, 2024

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“For Every Child, Every Right”

One Day International Seminar on the occasion of the World Children’s Day (Date: Nov 20, 2023)

 About  I C E R T

International Council for Education, Research and Training is an autonomous non-government leading scientific and professional research & training organization with offices located in various countries. With several educators, researchers, consultants, and students as members, ICERT not only develops Educational Training Programs but also manages institutes, and promotes research and training in education globally. This is an institution of learning and training facilitating education, research and social welfare initiatives.

Consent for collaboration with ICERT as Guest Speaker/ Invited Speaker/ Resource Person and Institution Collaboration for Seminar/ Conferences/ Workshops


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